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Melanie Channell provides incredibly accurate and insightful Tarot, Numerology, and Life Purpose Readings that will help you answer questions about how you can shape your personal destiny. Whether you have questions about a relationship, family matters, need career guidance, have financial concerns, or need spiritual direction, she’ll work with you to find solutions that will best suit your individual needs.

Melanie is a gifted energy healer.  She uses her intuition and empathic abilities to tap into your energy field (aura) and locate any areas in need of clearing, rebalancing or repairing.  She customizes each healing according to your current mind, body, and spiritual state by using universal life force energy, crystals, and angelic energies to perform the healings.

Here are a few things people had to say:

“Melanie really helped me realize things I knew but needed confirmed, she is so understanding and contains an abundance of life energy. So glad to have had a session with her. This was my first crystal cleansing and definitely not my last. She helped me realize things that nobody else could. Definitely a positive warm soul. You won’t regret it” ~ Jaree T.

“Melanie is an outstanding teacher. She has knowledge and wisdom from so many varied areas and shares that information in an easy to comprehend manner. She is very generous with her time and techniques-always mindful to address questions and concerns from her students. Melanie is a joy to be with, her unique laugh is her trademark-warm and sincere, a true healer, always mindful of the value of humor along the way. You would be truly fortunate to learn from Melanie.” ~ Suzanne C.

“Melanie was such a wonderful addition to our party last night. All of our guests were parents without our kids for a few hours and were definitely enjoying ourselves and she was so professional handling all of us. She was the hit of the night and everyone wanted a chance to have a few minutes with her. She has a gift and is in touch with something special and was able to give guidance and insight to everyone. I can’t imagine how taxing it must have been on her to do readings for so many people in a relatively short time but she did it with grace and professionalism. She was the perfect addition to our party but I’m looking forward to coming to her in the future for private readings.” ~ Kelli S.